Just a quick reference to the names and sizes required for iOS app icons. The format is always .png.

Here’s a list with the file name and the icon size in pixels.

iPhone and iPod

  • Application Icon for iPhone (retina display) – Icon@2x.png 114×114
  • Application Icon icon for iPhone – Icon.png 57×57
  • Settings/Spotlight icon for iPhone (retina display) – Icon-Small@2x.png 58×58
  • Settings/Spotlight icon for iPhone – Icon-Small.png 29×29
  • Launch image Portrait (retina display) – Default@2x.png 640×960
  • Launch image Portrait – Default.png 320×480


  • Application Icon for the new iPad (retina display) – Icon-72@2x.png 144×144
  • Application Icon for the iPad – Icon-72.png 72×72
  • Settings/Spotlight icon for iPad – Icon-Small-50@2x.png 100×100
  • Settings/Spotlight icon for iPad – Icon-Small-50.png 50×50
  • Launch image Portrait (retina display) – Default-Portrait@2x.png 1536×2008
  • Launch image Portrait – Default-Portrait.png 768×1004
  • Launch image Landscape (retina display) – Default-Landscape@2x.png 2048×1496
  • Launch image Landscape – Default-Landscape.png 1024×748

iTunes App Store

  • App icon for the App Store (retina display) - iTunesArtwork@2x.png 1024×1024
  • App icon for the App Store - iTunesArtwork.png 512×512

2 Responses to iOS App Icon Names & Sizes

  1. Pedro says:

    Check this tool. Resizes your icon to all the iOS required sizes.

  2. Thanks, Pedro. Useful if you’re not overly concerned about getting your icons pixel-perfect.

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