I’ve been running ‘barefoot style’ for nearly a year now. The important part of running ‘barefoot style’ is actually having a fore/mid foot strike rather than actually running with nothing on your feet. The aim is to get away from a heel strike, which is the common way people run in regular supportive running shoes. A heel strike is close to impossible to do barefoot (or in minimal footwear).

I have run for around a decade and always have done so with a pretty heavy heel strike. I didn’t really realise this until I read about barefoot running nearly a year ago and started questioning how I run, rather than just how far; Particularly because I have always suffered from on and off shin splints.

I’ll be posting about some of the experiences I’ve had over the last year as I’ve tried to re-learn the way I run.

For now here’s a few videos showing the contrast between heel and forefoot striking…

Barefoot Forefoot Strike Running

Barefoot Heel Strike Running

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