A little while ago I compiled some ARM vs x86 Geekbench data.

The figures are for the base model Macbook Air released each year, and the processor found in the iPhone (I’ve left out the iPad only A5X). When surfing Geekbench I discounted values that seemed to be obvious outliers. If anyone knows where you can find an average score by CPU please let me know.

iPhone CPU, Date, Score 

1176JZ(F)-S 412 MHz, 07/07, 137
1176JZ(F)-S 412 MHz, 07/08, 137
Cortex-A8 600 MHz, 07/09, 148
A4, 06/10, 210
A5, 10/11, 406
A6, 09/12, 1278
A7, 09/13, 2557

MacBook Air CPU, Date, Score 

Core 2 Duo L7500, 02/08, 2315
Core 2 Duo L9300, 10/08, 2557
Core 2 Duo L9400, 07/09, 3093
Core 2 Duo U9400, 10/10, 2033
Core i5-2467M, 07/11, 4559
Core i5-3317U, 07/12, 5636
Core i5-4250U, 07/13, 5919

iPhone Processor vs. Macbook Air Processor

As you can see from the graph, with the A7 Apple managed to double the previous processor’s performance, which was triple the speed of the model before it, which was double the one before that. If this years A8 manages to double performance again to achieve a Geekbench score of around 5000 points, then it really will be within spitting distance of some of the processors put in the recent MacBook Airs.

In a MacBook Air, Apple would also have the option of cranking the speed further as heat and battery drain are less of an issue which makes this performance even more possible. Perhaps we’ll see an ARM CPU powerful enough for a MacBook in 2014 or at the latest 2015.

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